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MMRR Furniture is owned and operated by Matthew (Matt), Misty (Toose), Rochelle (Shelly), and Ronald (Ron).  Ron started making furniture and crafts at home in the basement as a hobby.  Shelly and Toose did all the painting and decorating of the crafts.   Misty met Matt during this time and married a short time later.  To our delight, we discovered that Matt was a cabinetmaker by trade.


Ron built his first flag case when Jessie, an employee of Ron’s, died of cancer.  The majority of the flag cases that Ron made were presented to retirees at the time General Billy Mitchell Air Reserve Station was closing. 


General Billy Mitchell Air Reserve Station was ordered to close under Base Realignment And Closer (BRAC).   The decision was made that Ron would retire and the family would return to their hometown in Eau Claire, WI.  Shelly planned on finding a job doing assisted living while Ron planned on crafting more flag cases.  During a visit to Eau Claire, Shelly and Misty joined other family members to go to some thrift sales.  Their route took them past a bed and breakfast with a small apple orchard, wood working shop and 10 acres of land.  This gem became our new location and Apple Valley Enterprises, LLC was born.


Under the umbrella of Apple Valley Enterprises LLC we own and operate Apple Valley Home, The AVEnue orchard, and MMRR Furniture.

Matthew (Matt), the son-in-law, has been making furniture since 1998 and currently works full time at a custom cabinet manufacturing company.  Matt helps out whenever possible at AVE LLC.


Misty (Toose), the daughter, helps out with ordering and of course paying the bills.  Misty works for AVE LLC full time primarily for the adult family home.


Rochelle (Shelly), the wife and co-owner of AVE LLC, runs the adult family home branch of AVE LLC.


Ronald (Ron), the husband and co-owner of AVE LLC, runs MMRR Furniture and AVEnue Orchard.  Ron is retired from the Air Force and Department of Defense.


Mason (Peanut), the grandson, Bapa’s pride and joy, is 5 years old.  He can be found at Bapa’s or “Da boys” side always giving a helping hand.


"Da Boys", the nephews that are the helping hands you just can’t manage without.  They primarily help out with the grounds keeping and the orchard but occasionally you can catch them helping out in the wood shop.


Chuck, part time employee and an extended family member, helps out on an as needed basis (when I get really behind on my work which is always)


Phil, Ron’s brother, gives a helping hand especially in the supply department.


Ruth, Ron’s sister, is our editor.


There are other family members and friends that are always willing to give a helping hand at a drop of the hat